Monday, May 3, 2010

The Year in Brief

It has been almost one year since Derek and I were married. Here are some highlights that you may have missed. After our wedding on May 16th, I continued to work for a month at CAIC before quitting so Derek and I could go on a month long honeymoon. We went on a rock climbing road trip to the New River Gorge, the Red River Gorge, the Gunks, and Devil's Lake. We had beautiful weather almost the entire time and got to see some beautiful places. At each town, we stopped off at the best place to eat and occasionally managed to get showers at camps and even one hostel. It was a wonderful summer adventure and a great way to kick off our marriage.

Shortly after we got back from our honeymoon, we packed up all of possessions and moved down south to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Derek started graduate school at the University of Alabama in the Fall of 2009 - his degree is Higher Education, and he has a graduate assistantship with the Outdoor Recreation department. I had many odd (mostly awful) jobs including being a supervisor at Michael's Craft Store and a substitute teacher at Holy Spirit Catholic High School, before I finally ending up at the Health Sciences Library on Campus. I love, love, LOVE my job and the people I work with. Love it so much that I've decided to become a librarian. I've been taking classes at the university, and I am currently waiting to hear back from the School of Library and Information Studies to see if I have been accepted into the program for the Fall 2010 semester.

Now that the spring semester is coming to a close, Derek is getting ready for an amazing internship at Fort Carson, Colorado. He will be living and working at the base for 3 months this summer. It will be great career development for him, and hopefully he will have a fun time exploring the rivers and mountains of Colorado. While he is gone, I will be keeping busy with work, school, friends and family. I will also be doing my best to get back in shape and healthy again. This year started off rather rough with multiple injuries and infections (read more about MRSA!). I plan on doing a lot of yoga, running, rock climbing, and maybe even some cooking.

That is my news for the past year :)

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