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Thanks for stopping in! My name is Susan, and I am an aspiring writer. This blog is where I post about my writing career... so stories about sitting around my apartment in holey pajamas while screaming at my laptop will surely abound.

I also write for the blog Rock. River. Run. with my husband, Derek. That blog is all about living life as an adventure, and it includes trip reports, gear reviews, training info, and the occasional "oh crap oh crap we almost died" monologue.

Construction Notice: If you ever check out my old posts (April 2010 through December 2011), you may discover that they have absolutely nothing to do with writing. That's because I relaunched this blog from my old personal blog, that I had to stay in touch friends & family. I will be cleaning house soon but this blog will be a continual work-in-progress, cause you know, there's that whole writing thing I'm supposed to be doing.

Speaking of which, I should probably get back to that now. For your cyber stalking pleasure, feel free to check out my social media links below. Follow me, friend me, hire me. It's all good unless I have a restraining order against you (that means you T.J.).

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