Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Update: Lost Dogs & Late Nights

Today is blessedly busy at work. Which is good because I am dead tired and need help staying away! The post-work day was rather eventful yesterday. It ended with me still up and making myself second dinner around 1 o'clock in the morning.

I'll start at the beginning. While driving home I almost hit a dog that ran out in front of the car. I thought it might have been a friend's dog that had gotten loose - she looked just the same - so I got out of the car and called her over. She was so adorable and loving. She jumped up on me and wanted to play. But she was not my friend's dog and she did not have on a collar. I had about an hour before I was supposed to meet the ladies for girls' night, so I started knocking on doors to see if anyone was missing a dog or recognized this one or even just wanted one - no luck. So then I started calling all of my friends hoping someone could take her for a couple of days while I tracked down the owner (or take her forever if I couldn't find the owner)...

No dice.

There was no way I could take the poor pup back to my apartment (no yard, no dogs allowed without a hefty fee, landlady living right down the hallway) so I stood there in a random driveway trying to figure out what to do. The only shelter in town is a kill shelter, so the poor thing would have maybe three days before she would be out of luck - permanently. I decided that I had done everything I could, and she had better odds of living if I left her alone - to hopefully be found by her owners or taken in.

So I left her.

It was awful. She had already bonded with me, so as I drove away she ran beside my car until she couldn't keep up anymore. I felt (and still feel) like the worst person in the world. I finally made it home, desperately needing a shower because I smelled like wet dog, but between saying goodbye to Derek that morning and leaving the puppy that afternoon I just couldn't take it. I burst into tears the second I got in my door and sat down on the floor for a good cry.

After a minute or two of that, I got up to lock the deadbolt and noticed a sticky note on the lock. "Have a great day!" - Derek had left me a note. It made me smile, then of course - me being me - I burst into tears again. I left the note so I could see it again when I left the house, and I started across the family room. Then I noticed another little blue note on the computer - "Facebook is evil" - which made me laugh, but I'm still crying so I sounded kind of like a hyena. And that made me laugh harder and cry more. So I wandered around the house finding dozens of little sticky notes from my love that make me laugh and cry more & more. I'm sure I looked like a complete psycho. But it was a much needed emotional vomit that thankfully no one witnessed :)

I wrapped up my emotional break down and got in the shower. I still made it in time for girls' night. Well, almost. And I would have made it home at a semi-decent hour if I hadn't gotten lost on the way home. I'm very good at getting myself lost when driving. Drop me in any forest and I can find my way out easy, but have me drive in a town at night and I am completely screwed. Oh well.

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