Friday, May 21, 2010

To Do Lists

I have been such a slacker this week. I have a to-do list a mile long and instead of working on it after work, I have read three romances novels in as many days. I kid you not. THREE books in three days. I blame the thunderstorms - it's hard to do anything when the power keeps going out, the road outside my house is constantly flooded, and everything outside makes me just want to curl up with some hot cocoa, a blanket & a book.

But I cannot continue with my bump-on-a-log ways. I need to get stuff done. So, I'm copy-catting Jenn and posting my to-do list here in hopes that it will make feel more accountable.

Here goes (sorry, I cannot escape the parenthesis. (i want them (i need them.))):
  • Laundry (blerg)
  • Vacuum (double blerg)
  • Finish sewing my nieces' birthday gifts (I'll post pictures when they are done)
  • Write my dear pen-pals (AKA, Grandma & Grandpa)
  • Yoga class on Saturday (I skipped the last one...)
  • Get into a running routine (again)
  • Pack my climbing gear (rocking it out this Sunday with the lil' bro)
  • Find a new internet provider (I hate you Comcast!)
  • Find a new cell phone provider (you too Verizon!!)
  • Go climbing on Sunday (sweeeeetness!)
  • Bake my bread for the week (or just go to the grocery store)
  • Clean up the kitchen (because baking bread will destroy the kitchen... actually, me being in the kitchen destroys the kitchen...)
  • Turn the spare room into a training room (because lets face it, i will never be happy lifting weights in that damn "He-man testosterone overloaded university gym weight room")
  • Go to the bank
  • Apply for scholarships (if i can find scholarships...)
  • Write thank you notes (there's always one a owe somebody... sorry if you haven't gotten yours for something yet!)
  • Do the monthly budget
  • Finish Courtney's Christmas gift (from last year...)
  • Buy textbooks for my summer classes (which are coming up way too fast!)
  • Start working on my wedding scrapbook (what? it's only been a year...)

Hmmm... see what I mean? It's a mile long, and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten half of it... And people ask me what I'm going to do this summer while Derek is gone. HAH!

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