Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local No-Kill Animal Shelter: T-Town Paws

If you read one of my posts from last week, you know that I found a stray dog last Thursday that I did not help. I have so much regret about that decision. I wish I could go back to do things differently. Everyday I drive though that neighborhood, hoping that I will see her again so I can make things right.

Today, a friend let me know that there is in fact a no-kill shelter here in Tuscaloosa. Please consider supporting this shelter in any way you can. At the very least, keep it in mind if you are looking for a pet or find a stray.

The shelter is called T-Town Paws
They are located at 1108 38th Street in Tuscaloosa, across from WRTR on 38th Street
PH: 205-752-1931

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