Thursday, May 6, 2010

Every new begining...

Today is the day. Derek will be hitting the road around noontime with his fellow intern, Jay. He has a nice pile of possessions to take with him - needless to say, our 'recreation room' looks somewhat bare now without all the climbing, camping, and kayaking gear.

I had the day off yesterday, so Derek and I got to spend time getting him ready to go and enjoying each others company. We went down to the Tuscaloosa River Walk to have a picnic lunch complete with home-made bread, fresh fruit, cheese, and chocolate. We ran random errands and got to see a couple of friends one more time before everyone takes off for the summer. For dinner, we made pizza together and enjoyed some of the wine we had saved from our wedding - an early anniversary celebration of sorts. Derek played his guitar and the drums, and we sang some songs together. A very granola day ;)

Derek should make it to Fort Carson tomorrow in the late afternoon or early evening. He starts work right away on Saturday (ugh). Since he goes on trips pretty frequently for Outdoor Rec, I know that the first night he is gone is always a bit difficult for me - and after that, I'm pretty much okay. Thankfully, I have some awesome friends that I am meeting up with for a Girls' Night tonight. We're going to Iguana Grill. I've never been there, so I'm pretty excited about going somewhere new.

That's it for now!

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