Monday, May 17, 2010

Twisted Ankle Trail Half Marathon - DONE!

I did it! I survived the Twisted Ankle Trail Run. My time was 3 hours and 23 minutes, and I placed 35th out of 54 women. Considering I haven't run more than a mile at a time since March 31st when I was hit by that car, I think that's pretty darn good. The best female time for the half marathon was 2 hours 11 minutes - it was a tough course!

Here are a few snapshots of the day and what I was thinking through this whole process:

The night before at about midnight:
"I can't sleep, I am so excited!!"

My alarm going off at 3:00AM:

Driving to the race:
"I can't sit, I am so excited!!"

Arriving at the race, seeing all the other tan, fit runners and the giant mountain looming in the background, noticing everyone staring at my Casper white legs with bandaged knees:
"....F***.... What the F*** was I thinking? I am F***ing insane...."

First mile of the race, on flat ground running around a beautiful lake:
"This isn't so bad... yeah, this is fun... I can do this..."

The first hill:
"....F***.... What the F*** was I thinking? I am F***ing insane...."

Photo Left - Running along the ridge

Running along the ridge line was absolutely beautiful. I wound up running by myself a lot, but it was very peaceful. All of the runners I did meet were super encouraging and shouted out things like "good run" and "you got this" - it was a very positive experience.

Running back down the hill, both knees bandaged, going way too fast to make up time, arms flailing out to keep my balance:
"I look like retarded duck on speed.... god please don't let me fall of this mountain..."

Finish line... well, i missed the finish line at first, but when I found it:
"I made it!! I'M ALIVE!!!"

I had doubts that I would make it back in one peace. I saw more than one better runner take a spill. The name "Twisted Ankle" is well earned! Here are some pictures of the day - sorry about the low quality. They are just proofs from the photographers website.

Below: One of the runners I met wiped out crossing the creek at the beginning of the race - ouch!

Below: Making back to the last water station before heading down the mountain again. Over half-way done with the race

Below: Coming out of the woods after running down the mountain, this was maybe the 11 mile point?

Below: Moments after the last picture, just realized there was a camera.

Below: FINISH LINE!! Looking kind of rough...

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