Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Climbing Rant, MLK Weekend

So, clearly I survived. I can't say that I had a good showing though. Derek and I went climbing with two other guys who I'm sure would be happy to never see me again.


Well, pretty much because my attitude sucked. And my attitude sucked because I didn't want to be there. And I didn't want to be there because:

1. I do not like ice climbing
2. I do not enjoy driving 12+ hours round trip to do something I do not like doing... FOR THE SECOND WEEKEND IN A ROW
3. I do not have the proper gear to stay warm
4. I was coming down with a head cold
5. It's the first week of school and I'd kinda like to take care of some stuff before the world gets crazy
6. It was the third freaking weekend in a row that we'd been out of town
7. And HEY! that forth weekend ago, we didn't go out of town because I had SURGERY - maybe we shouldn't freaking PUSH IT?!!! EHH??!!

So WHY you may ask, did I go?

Well, because when I told Derek I didn't want to go he was all "I really want to spend time with you this weekend" and "It's my last weekend to get out before school starts" and "I think we could have a lot of fun" and I am a total sap and felt guilty for not wanting to go with him.

So I caved.

Which probably would have been fine, except I didn't ACCEPT that I had caved. Where I should have said, "Hey, I'm going - I might as well be open to the possibility of fun" I failed and instead grumbled my way to and from said climbing adventure.


So yeah, I'm sure I made a horrible impression on the new climbing friends, not to mention made Derek less than happy. If the situation had been reversed I would have called me a ball-and-chain or less pleasant descriptor.

Like whiny sissy.

Or more accurately, slow-ass-scaredy-cat-whiny-sniffle-nosed-crying-shivering-ball-and-chain.

Yeah... Not my proudest moment.

BUT I did climb the climb, and the next post will have some cool pictures to prove it. I also have the full-blown head cold to prove it. Complete with hacking chest cough, itchy throat, runny-stuffed nosed, and sneezing. Thank you little perfect baby Jesus for Sudafed.

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