Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Climbing - Pictures

Derek's first ice lead

There are a ton more pictures, but my computer is being paaainfully slow so I'm just going to post Derek's facebook album link - I don't know if it is public, you may or may not have to friend Derek to view the album.

I'll write my narrative of the experience in the next post...


  1. That is INSANE. YOU are insane. YOUR HUSBAND is insane.

    And, on a completely different note, I cannot stop myself from feeding your turtles. They're too freaking cute. And every time, without fail, I feed them...and I try to give each of them the same amount of food...but one always beats the other to it, and I "have" to keep feeding them until their even. Those turtles are just evil for people with OCD ;)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAAAA - you are so awesome. This has to be my favorite comment of all time!! I can't resist feeding them either lol :)