Friday, January 28, 2011


This is a rough rendition of a conversation I had with my husband last night:


Derek: [blah, blah, blah] Sam said... [blah, blah]... So do you want to move to Antarctica?? [insanely happy grin on his face]

Me [thinking: What the F#@$%?!?] : NO.

Derek [in an excited boyish voice]: But it would be so cool - we would be total badasses!

Me: NO.

Derek: But they pay you at least $12.00 an hour and give you room and board.


Derek: And there's ice climbing...

Me [thinking of MLK weekend]: GOD NO.

Derek: But it would be so cool!! It's only a few months - summer months for Antarctica

Me: No.

Derek: Just from October to February and then we could live in New Zealand for a while.


Derek: They give you a plane ticket back for whenever you want.

Me: .... What about health insurance?

Derek: I don't know....

Me: Could I work in my field [librarianship]?

Derek: I don't know....

Me: Will there be sunshine or will this be the land of eternal icy darkness?

Derek: I don't know....

Me: Can I have plants?

Derek [still grinning like a mad hatter]: I don't know....

Me [ sigh of the damned] :... find me details on things like health insurance and we can think about this.

Derek: OKAY!!! [bouncing around with uncontrolled happiness]


This morning, I had an email with the details.

God help me.
THIS could be our next home:

Photograph by: Peter Rejcek
National Science Foundation
Date Taken: January 6, 2010
So tell, what would YOU say if your significant other asked you to move to Antarctica?


  1. HA! I spent a month there, and it was really beautiful, no plants, and no dark! AND there are PENGUINS!!!! GO! And then keep your blog up and let me live through you!

  2. No joke?! How did you get to go? What was it like? :)

  3. Well, at the very least, it would be an adventure...we've toyed with the idea of moving to Alaska for the summer months. I would talk to someone about the living arrangements...constant-never-failing heat & electricity & water(especially hot water) would be my three must-haves. Definitely health insurance...definitely need something librarian-ish for you to do. This part is none of my beeswax, but $12/hour for someone with Derek's credentials seems a pretty low to me. The good part is that it's not a year-round position...and what other time in your life would you even REMOTELY consider doing something as crazy as moving to antarctica?!? It could be awesome...

  4. Oh shoot! Retract that last comment! You wouldn't even be able to go with him unless you got a job with this organization too?!? Yikes...You'd have to be without D for 4-6 months out of the do you feel about that?

  5. Yeah - we'd both have to get jobs to be able to move there together. I would veto if just one of us was going. After him being gone for 3 months last summer, my new motto is 'why get married if you're not going to live together' - that said, I can totally handle the frequent weekend, weeklong, and occasional month long trips for his work.