Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Climbing - PICTURES

White Sides Mountain, North Carolina - Starshine Route, Grade 3+/4-

View of the route from the next ridge over. It's the streak of white toward the center/right of the picture. To get to it, we had a decent hike in and then we rappelled down the route, pulled our ropes, and then led back up the route to get out again.

Me belaying Derek - my first time giving a belay for an ice lead

Derek on lead, pitch 1 of 2

Still Derek on lead, you can see the rest of the route

The terrifying belay anchor at the top of the first pitch. I had a minor meltdown when I saw it. From left to right you should see the anchor points as 1. an icicle the size of my calf, 2. a shitty screw, 3. a stubby screw, 4. another shitty screw. The stubby screw didn't get placed until I got to the anchor with extra gear. Derek actually did a good job in a bad situation here, and I'm proud of him for keeping it together.

Back at the top - ALIVE!
Brian belaying Brandon at the top out for the climb

The End!

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