Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Up-Coming Professional Blog!!!

Okay, y'all get the inside scoop - I just got approval to launch a "healthy" blog through my work at the Health Sciences Library! I am super excited about this opportunity to write for my job, and I really want this blog to be a success. So I want to tell y'all about it, and get some feedback from you.

The target audience of the blog includes:
  1. The College of Community Health Sciences community (my work)
  2. University of Alabama affiliates (pretty much all of Tuscaloosa)
  3. Any person who may be interested in reading about health related topics (this could be someone here in Tuscaloosa, or someone in Australia)

The content will include:
  1. Fun healthy recipes with alternative food ideas
  2. Exercise tips, routine ideas, motivation aids, pep talks
  3. Local Highlights, community events that promote good health
  4. Library Highlights, resources that our library provides
  5. Fact or Fake - confirm or bust old wives tales with review of medical literature
  6. Guest writers, reader feedback posts
  7. Book Reviews
The things I have to watch out for:
  1. I CANNOT provide medical advice
  2. I'll have some legal statements liability purposes
So I really want this blog to have some interactive quality to it. I'll need to get a strong readership base built up and make opportunities for those readers to give feedback and participate in the blog. In order for that to happen, I need to be writing about stuff people are interested in.

This is where I'd like your feedback.

What would you guys want to read about? What health-info could I research for you and post? Would any of you be interested in a guest column? Is there a book you'd like me to review? Do you know of a community event that should get highlighted? What's a health related old wive's tale that you want to know the facts about?

AAAAND, what the heck should I call this blog??? LOL - I am blanking on a good name.

So please, give me your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. You can comment them here, or email me (, or send me a Facebook message. I cannot wait to get started on this new project! :)

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