Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Take

I'm reclaiming my personal blog now. Professional blog updates to come later - got the server space today and think I can have the site launched next week. But now - back to meee.

Do you ever see someone somewhere unexpected - somewhere you do not usually see them - and at first you don't recognize them even though you know that you know who they are? Does that make sense? Like you see a coworker at the grocery store and it takes you a second to figure out why you know them?

Well, that just happened to me at work today. A man walked into the library, and my first thought was, "Hot damn that is a good looking man!"

And then I realized.... it was Derek


It's okay, you can roll your eyes. I know.

To go off on a completely different tangent now - I have succeeded in completing six 4-mile runs and one 3.5-mile run in the past nine days (including today), all with a 9 minute-mile pace or faster.

SO tomorrow I'm going to step it up and try a longer run. I wanted to do 8-miles, but my knee has been bugging me still (remember the getting-hit-by-car incident from last year.... yeah...) so, I think I'll just try for 6-miles. And then - Yoga!!!

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