Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, this health blog really needs a name. Here are the ideas so far:

  • The Hog: A Health Blog (sent as a joke, but hey -why not?)
  • An Apple A Day (kinda over used, but it's catchy)
  • Health & Wellness Blog (cause that's what it'll be)
  • ???

Any who, I have gotten some awesome feedback so far. Based on that I will be adding articles on nutrition supplements, specific diseases & conditions, and 'reader questions' answered. Keep the feedback coming, and dear lord if anyone knows of a good name help me out here.


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  2. ^forgot to add something, here we go:

    What about "Healthy Living for a Change?" Something along those lines? I like that it both states directly what the purpose of your blog would be (health, living, and improvement on either/both of those two), and is kind of ironic/sarcastic in the way that it sets you apart from other blogs on the same topic while indicating that your blog is healthy living for a purpose/cause.

    I'll keep thinking, but that's the best I've come up with thus far :)