Monday, January 31, 2011

Climbing Comp - Crushed!

Haha, okay, I didn't actually crush - but I did win 3rd place in the the women's intermediate division and had a kicking awesome time!

On Saturday, I competed in the T-Town Pull Down sponsored by UA Outdoor Recreation. All proceeds of the event were donated to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition.

My sister also competed and won first place in the women's beginner's division, and my brother-in-law, Garrett, placed 1st in the advanced men's division. Yes - my family if full of amazingly cool bad-asses :)

Here are a couple of pictures of the final route I did, which is what pushed my score up into the winning zone - this was a sketchy high ball slab route requiring balance (which was good, because I had zero strength left after climbing for 2 hours straight). I got on it five minutes before the heat ended, and managed to send the problem in one try! (yes, I am painfully proud of this achievement. You read my blog, you should know how to humor me by now)

You know I have to give you the picture by picture captions: below, I am just getting off the starting holds. Keep an eye on the red line - during non-competition times, climbers are not allowed to get their shoulders past the red line because they may fall and get hurt... the red line is the same height across the gym.

Please note, my right foot is not actually on anything

Right foot, still not actually on anything...

Right foot STILL not on an actual hold. Yes, I'm please with myself. ONE try, no falls!

At the top! Note - the red line... and the lack of holds to climb back down...

Down-climbing the route next to the one I was just on.

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