Monday, January 24, 2011


Some days, no matter how hard you try you will get nothing done.

Today is one of those days for me.

And I'm giving up now. At least for a few minutes of mental break.

But seriously - each time I start getting into my groove and aspire to put a dent in my paperwork, I get interrupted. And that's okay, because so far today it's always been a patron interrupting or something for work. Patrons get to interrupt. Patrons are why I'm here. Patrons are good. I like helping them. But daaaaang I'm getting nothing done. And half the patrons are really just lost students wanting to know where the medical records office is located. Which is still okay. But a little bit annoying.

Okay, break officially done. I've got too much junk to do!


  1. And how many of them are patrons looking for a date with the lovely lady behind the counter? ;)

  2. No a single dang one!! BLLLEERRRRRGGGG - LOL, I would definitely be complaining less if that were the case!