Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Climbing - MORE Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Derek's lead climb...

And here are some pictures of the freaking insane and terrifying drive home.... the drive home was by far more dangerous than the ice climbing. It took an extra 3ish hours due mostly to Atlanta and that city's inability to handle any form of inclement weather. Seriously. Freaking ALABAMA did a better job of handling the snow/ice than all of Georgia .

No pictures of the scariness in Atlanta itself though - I was too busy gripping the JESUS handle and praying and trying not wet myself and yelling out the window at the dumb cop who thought it would wise to speed around in zig-zags on the ice sheet that was the highway in order to yell out his window at vehicles he thought were driving too fast for conditions (apparently, 15 miles an hour is too fast)... grrr....

NEXT post will be about the actual climbing

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