Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is this real life?

Clearly I fell off the 30 day challenge bandwagon. Sorry about that. I went climbing. And then work and school happened again. And this Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I've been trying to get ready for that. So I'll update on real life then return to the 30 day challenge fun.

Derek and I went to T-Wall Thursday through Saturday and it was super fantastically amazing. A much needed break from library land. Garret joined us for the second half of the trip and it was awesome to see him too.

I led three 5.7's - Nappy, Plastic Toys, and NutraSweet. It took me about an hour to do each one, and I maaaaay have freaked out a bit on Plastic Toys (hilarious since that one is actually the least physically demanding of the three). But I'm still pretty happy about the leads. I want to go back and try some more T-Wall 5.7's until I"m comfortable enough/competent enough that I can lead any of them in 30 minutes.

I also belayed two seconds for the first time - and daaaang was that hard to keep up with. I got my ropes all messy and sad. But it worked. I guess. I need way more practice on that front.

My two classes are wrapping up for the semester, and it is definitely crunch time. Really, I should be doing homework and not blogging. But whatever. My brain needs a break from library stuff. I'm registered for my Spring classes. I'm going to take my last core class and and do an independent study. I had planned on doing a third course (which would make me a full-time student), but I no longer think that would be wise. I have enough demands on my time without doing school AND work full-time.

One of those demands that I don't think I've blogged on yet is that I am the president of the Student Advisory Council/Committee (hah. I seriously can't remember which it is - we just call it SAC). We've already participated in 3 events, and this semester's SAC has only been up and running a month. Pure insanity that is. But it's totally worth the intense time commitment. I'm getting to know my classmates so much better than I had been by just going to class. Plus, I'm forced to deal with my fear of public speaking - accck, LOL!

Still loving it. Pretty excited that some of my school work is going to be applicable to my work work.

Tonsillectomy is still scheduled for December 17th.

I think that's it for now. 30 Day Challenge to be continued...

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