Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

  1. I climb rocks
  2. Drugs in the Valium family induce panic attacks for me
  3. I have run a half-marathon
  4. I'm going to run another half-marathon next month
  5. I am terrified of water, spiders, public speaking, and wearing shorts
  6. My patron saint is Teresa de Lisieux
  7. I'm in library school
  8. I'm crafty - I like to make jewelry, sew, knit, paint, write
  9. I am completely tone deaf
  10. I love gardening
  11. If I have a daughter I would like to name her Joanna Marie after my mother & sister & me
  12. I am NOT pregnant. #11 is a couple years off still
  13. I feel like I try just about anything once. gymnastics, ballet, violin, guitar, kayaking...
  14. I did not realize it would be so hard to think of 30 things; I love talking about me; this should be easier
  15. I SHOULD be doing my homework right now. It's totally due tomorrow.
  16. I am addicted to romance novels and I really want to write one someday
  17. Okay, yeah, I'm totally working on two right now, but they don't count because I've been working on them off and on for yeeeaaars now
  18. I love sleeping where I can see stars
  19. I am a champ at yoga
  20. I have three potential dream careers: being a PhD librarian teaching & doing research at a university, owning my own rock climbing gym, owning my own romance novel book store with local artist crafts. pretty sure I can pull any one of those off while being a mommy.
  21. Crown me queen for list making
  22. A dirty bathtub really bothers me
  23. holy cow this is taking forever
  24. I have been baptized twice; once by my dad in the chilly ocean off of Nantucket, and once by my priest to make sure it stuck LOL
  25. I have never broken a bone
  26. I have been hit by a car while jogging
  27. I have partially dislocated my shoulder
  28. I'm not sure how many concussions I have had... helmets are clutch
  29. I have gotten into a fist fight. but I was wearing a mascot costume at the time, so my punches were kind of off
  30. I have climbed higher than some passenger jet engines cruise

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