Friday, August 20, 2010

School. Woot.

Wednesday night was my first night of class in the new semester, and it was fantastic! I adore my professor for Research Methods, and I have a couple of friends in the class with me. I have my topic (to create a research project on) picked out now, as well as several other topics as back ups in case my topic doesn't get approved.

I am hoping to actually do the research next semester during an independent study course. I may have said that in a previous post... anyway. I am super stoked about this semester. My second class starts on Tuesday, and I am anticipating some exciting challenges with it as well.

Ick - I just drank a sip of cold coffee on accident. blach.

Fun discoveries from my first night of school:

  • Star Wars is totally an appropriate conversation topic in library land
  • Nerds are the cool kids
  • I has friends!!!
  • I am a bad ass for taking LS507 & LS502 at the same time
  • Caffeine abuse is rampant
More to come later!

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