Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to Business

Weekends are never long enough - even when you extend them with vacation time! But I am very grateful for the time I got to spend with Derek after our summer apart. We took care of the usual errands and chores, then got to go out to Lake Lurleen for a long hike on Sunday.

Now it's time to get back into our routines for the fall semester. Derek will be teaching two classes, taking three, and taking care of his regular GA duties. I will be working my regular schedule at the library and taking two night classes.

We both have a few special projects we are working on. I am excited to be tutoring a friend's teenager in high school social studies. I am also trying to keep up my PT for my knees and shoulder. Derek is training hard for his AMGA Rock Instructor course which will take place this October, and he is getting ready for the upcoming AORE conference.

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