Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Semester 2010

The new school year has officially begun - and I am ridiculously excited! Last night's orientation was excellent. I got to meet several new professors, and visit with several that already know me. I also got to see some of my old classmates and joke about the good and the bad experiences of the summer semester.

I met my professor from my on-line summer course for the first time in person - such a strange experience. I heard her speaking to someone and recognized her voice, so I introduced myself. It's funny to have to do that when I have already taken her class.

I also got to meet the professor who I'm hoping will sponsor my independent research next semester. More details to come later. I am extremely excited about my anticipated research project, but I am also biting off more than I probably should with it. We shall see what happens!

Aaaand I also got hit on by some kid fresh out of undergrad who 1- failed to pay attention when I was introduced as MRS. DeBruin and 2- failed to notice that I'm WAAAAAAY to old for him. Teehee - I may have enjoyed that a bit. I know, I'm an awful person.

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  1. You're not an awful person. You're just too hot for your own good ;)