Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm a dork

School's out and I have all sorts of crazy free time I did not have before. So for this past weekend I made a fabulous list of all the wonderful things I wanted to get done before Derek gets home (YAY!) this Thursday. Here was my list:

- Laundry
- Clean the carpets
- Do the dishes
- Put away my school papers
- Put away my sewing supplies
- Put away my jewelry making stuff
- Go grocery shopping
- Go for a run
- Lift weights
- Clean the bathroom
- Plan some meals
- ... you get the idea

A very productive 'get things ready' for Derek to come home working weekend.... yeah. That totally did not happen. Here's what I did instead... slightly edited for public consumption:

- Slept
- Slept some more
- Read waaaay too many romance novels
- Exchanged romance novels for MORE romance novels
- I DID go for a run... and came pretty close to getting heat stroke
- Got dizzzy and laid out on the floor for a while after the run
- Woke up at some point
- Went to a party
- Met some sweet horses
- Hung out with some cool people
- Slack lined
- Shot some shot guns (not near the horses)
- Rode in the back of a pick-em-up truck :)
- Drank some beer
- Slept on the recliner because the bed would NOT stop spinning (stupid beer)
- Drank some really good coffee
- Read some more romance novels
- Went for a hike
- Decided to cool my feet off in a lake
- Got bit by a fish
- Read another romance novel
- Did not accomplish a single chore

Yeap. That's about it. Free time is dangerous.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You sound a bit like me right now. I mean, I'm getting things done, but not nearly at the rate I had previously hoped. Romance novels, eh? That is hilarious! You've still got some time before he gets home, right? You can do it!
    Oh! And slack lining looks like fun!