Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress Report

It's been a week. Stuff has happened.

I ran a new personal best - 5 miles in 39 minutes and 10 seconds. It was on a treadmill, but whatever. I'm proud. I've been a solid 10 minutes mile runner for years, so it's pretty dang cool to be making real progress on my speed goals.

I'm doing okay distance wise. It's a little more than halfway through the month, and I've already gotten in a total of 41 miles. Hoping to keep the momentum and finish strong with the second half of the month.

I failed again at my ten mile run attempt. Feel kinda like a looser for that one. That's twice now I've stopped at 8 miles instead of going for the finish. You'd think after 8 miles that it wouldn't be a big deal to go two more, but it's like I hit some wall. Anyway, I'm adjusting my training a bit this week to add in a rest day (today) then I'm going for the 10 mile on Sunday hard core. No excuses. I'm doing it.

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