Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Last First Day

Today is probably the best last first day of a school semester ever.

This morning started with an awesome phone conversation with my mama. She had some fantastic news about her health care that made me super happy for her.

Next, I got to see Chelsea and WALK with her to her very first class of this semester! So unbelievably wonderful. Every time I think about the obstacles this young woman has overcome, and the sheer willpower and courage she has in her, I am amazed. I feel so fortunate to know her.

After that, I got to work right on time and was able to make a last minute tweak to my course schedule. Instead of taking Cataloging & Special Libraries on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I am now taking Archives on Tuesdays and Special Libraries on Thursdays.

This is fantastic for 3 big reasons:
  1. Archives is freaking cool
  2. I will have two of my most favorite professors (Riter & Campbell-Meier) for my last semester at SLIS
  3. The Tue-Thurs schedule is much easier to work my race training into - and when doing work full-time AND school AND anything else, good scheduling is absolutely crucial!
 Then, to top everything off - the amazingness continues:
  • I had a yummy mint-chocolate protein bar for breakfast (seriously, those things are like crack to me, I LOVE them)
  • I have a 'ball-chair' to sit in at work now, which I think will help loads with my low back pain AND help build up some core strength
  • I'm only two days away from my WFR!
  • I don't have to go to class tonight like I thought I would, so I actually have time to go grocery shopping and pack for my WFR tonight (leaving straight from work Friday, and I have class tomorrow night - so I do need to be ready in advance)
And I feel like I could keep going. Today is really a fantastic day. What a beautiful start to my last semester at SLIS!

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