Friday, April 22, 2011

Science Fair Day

Did you ever participate in a science fair when you were a kid?

You know that building excitement where you are sure your project is going to be the coolest and you've spent hours upon hours on it, dreaming that you are going to get that blue ribbon and be the coolest nerd of all because your project is just that amazing? And then you get there and set up your tri-fold cardboard poster, wearing your snazziest clothes which may have included a pocket protector, then look around... and everyone else has flame throwers and techno-gadgets and multimedia broadcasts.... and you just realize that you are perhaps the lamest person there.


That was me today on a grown-up level. I attended my first 'grown-up' poster presentation today to present my own research. I wore my snazziest clothes. And I step up my tri-fold poster with colored construction paper cut-outs. And people came to see it. And when they did, their eyes instantly glazed over.

Best part?

I have to do this again on Monday with the same POS poster. Next time, I'm writing a damn paper.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I lived closer. I could have an assortment of costumes on hand to change into, and walk by every so often in different outfits, exclaiming loudly how impressive your research is. That would show 'em!