Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Procrastination Station

Yes, I know I should be doing homework right now. Whatever. I'm going to go home in a minute, eat dinner, probably do some laundry, make a grocery list, and spend the rest of the night hacking away on the homework in front of the computer screen. I'm taking this moment to chill.

I read some very helpful tips for running on one of my favorite blogs: Shut Up and Run - Advice for 1st Time Marathoners. It got me super jazzed for the Ranger Run this weekend!

I also got to talk to a climbing friend about his soon-to-be-wife's kick ass hobby - triathlons! I think I would like to have this experience, but I'm not super sure. I don't own a bike, I am horribly incompetent at biking, and then there's that whole fear of water thing. But I bet that last part would help me swim faster...

Anyway, I should probably get competent at running before I add more pursuits to it. I have my plan for this weekend. I have some excellent advice from the SUAR blog (no fiber on Friday!). I had a good 4 mile run today, and plan on another one tomorrow. Now if I can just get through my homework and make until Saturday!

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  1. Good luck! I like to cut out fiber (as much as possible) in those two days leading in too!