Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tashka Trail Run - Question

So - I had originally signed up for the 50K Tashka Trail Run. However, since I haven't done a good job of training (due to the intestinal issues) I decided to just run the 25K. I figured:

1) it would be unhealthy for me to run 50K without training and,
2) I probably wouldn't be able to run fast enough to make the 50K cut-off times.

Soooo, I just did the math for the cut off times, and I only have to run a minimum of 17 minute miles.... which is really equivalent to fast-paced hike for me. So I'm wondering - should I go ahead the 50K?

The race is on December 11th, and to be completely honest I have not been training at all. I pretty much lost all motivation to when I decided to just do the 25K because I know that I can get off the couch and finish a 25K with no issues. I may be slow, but I can go the distance.

Other things to know: 50K = 30 miles, which is a couple miles longer than a marathon. 25K = 15 miles, which is a couple miles longer than a half-marathon. The longest I have ever run at one time was 13 miles.

Thoughts? Advice?


  1. I guess my main questions would be - would you be more disappointed if you attempted the 50k and failed, or did the 25k with no problems, and wondered if you could have done the 50k?

    Aside from that, my two cents would probably be to do the 25k. I have no doubts you could do the 50k, but mainly since you've been so under the weather lately, plus the fact that you've never run more than 13 miles at might want to err on the side of caution.

    But, you are like superwoman, and you can do whatever you want :D

  2. Thanks Jenn! Derek pointed out that the race is only 6 days before my surgery, and this may not be the best time to do something insane just because I think I can - LOL! I think I will follow y'alls advice and follow the cautious path. I am thinking of signing up for the next Twisted Ankle Trail Run (again) and doing the full marathon this time. It should be sometime in May 2011.