Thursday, November 11, 2010

Health Update

Sooooo..... The ENT says the tonsils must go. I'm getting them sliced-and-diced out on December 17th, and will hopefully be recovered enough to enjoy Christmas the following week. I'm taking at least one week off of work, potentially two.

The timing is actually pretty good - I will be on break from school; it will be after my half-marathon, and a little more than month before my next climbing competition. Plus, I've met my insurance deductible for the year (thanks to the ridiculous number of doctor's visits and tests I've had) so I won't have to pay more than a facility fee.

Once the tonsils are gone, the ENT, GI and my family doctor all think my GI issues will resolve as well. I hope they are right!


  1. I hope they are right too! You've really been thru the ringer this year! In the meantime, good luck with your half-marathon - be nice to your body and give it some rest time too! :) I miss you. Hope everything else in your world is wonderful!

  2. Do not eat a popsicle right after coming around from the anesthetics! It's a baaad idea. Hope this works, though! You need to be better!