Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A snapshot of today:

I am tapping my bare feet to the beat of the Flobots while capturing the pages of a 100+ year old church hymnal to a digital camera. Turning the brittle, yellowed pages carefully to take pictures of each one, I take satisfaction in knowing that I am helping someone's music and faith live past their time on this earth.

I freaking love my job.

Music in the Movement of the Day

When left to my own devices, I tend to forget about the joy of music. On road trips I usually leave the radio off in favor of thinking much too much. I cannot listen to lyrical music when reading, which is how I spend a big portion of my time these days. It seems that music is always an afterthought to me. But when I do listen, it stirs my emotions unlike anything else.

Derek brings music to my life. Without his influence, I would forever be in a land void of melody. From the start of our courtship when he restrung my mother's guitar and taught me how to play notes for my birthday, to my current birthday when I discovered four new music CD's from him in the mail. For our wedding, he gave me an iPod - which has been a critical motivator for me while training & running in this damned southern heat. He has written me songs from his heart, and braved playing them in front of me. He is the music in my life.

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