Monday, May 30, 2011


Mondays mean normal life again. Today I'm working at the library, this evening I'll be home for my new washer and dryer delivery. Woohoo!!!

Tomorrow is another day of work followed by a meeting with my insurance agent, Spencer, at Chuck Square. I love the name Spencer. It screams adorable southern nerd. Spencer even has the sweet Southern accent of a Savannah native - the best of all the Southern accents in my opinion. And his manners are adorable. He says "yes ma'am" the way only a sweet southern boy could say. Maybe I'm obsessing a bit because I'm just so happy to actually hear from anyone about our renters claim. It's been a month and this is the first word we've had from them, despite numerous and increasingly irate phone calls from yours truly.

Wednesday, more work, and the first night of my summer classes. Let the insanity begin. Again.

Thursday, more work, and an evening of packing. Dear Lord I am sick of packing and unpacking. But at least I have things to pack! And I'm packing up to go see Derek this weekend!!

Still, I counted - and in the past month I've slept in 7 different locations and only 3 of them had beds. So this weekend will make 8... with no bed again. Someday I will make it a month with nothing crazy happening. At least I haven't been hit by a car again lately. Or pinned upside-down underwater in a kayak. Or attacked by a dog. Or chased home by a road-rage maniac. Or in a flood. Or dislocated anything. Or had a head injury.

As you can see, I've lived a very lively life so far. Heaven bless my mother.

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