Thursday, July 22, 2010

Total Immersion

Many folks find that total immersion in a foreign language accelerates the learning of that language. I think the same is true for anything you may learn. Right now I am in total immersion of library land. This is week two of taking night classes while working, and I've started noticing threads of conversation that carry across multiple contexts during my days & nights. For example, we may discuss one topic in my class, Academic Libraries and then it will pop up in Intro to Libraries and then something will happen at work where I have to apply the conversation to real life. I could be wrong (and a total dummy) but I think this is helping me learn things more quickly and more permanently. I certainly hope so at least!

Random aside, here is a 'pleasantly plucky' NPR story:
"Why the next big pop-culture wave after cupcakes might be libraries." by Linda Holmes


  1. Active learning > passive. Will your course schedule be this difficult in the fall?

  2. I'll have the same amount of work spread over 3 months instead of 1 - so much less intense. Next summer though, same game plan :)

  3. i totally agree with your braniac writings. i felt the same way in clinicals. what applied in medical nutrition therapy crossed over into biochem which crossed over into some patient at the hospital the next day. i really learn best that way:) and that's what I love about what I'm doing now.

    i still wanna learn french and I received Rosetta Stone as a christmas gift...but I think I should go live in france to really learn you know?!