Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Derek's Internship - Summer 2010

As many of you already know, Derek will be spending 3 months this summer living and working at Fort Carson, Colorado while I will continue to live and work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Since we announced our plans we have heard from many folks who have offered their support as well as their concerns. The primary worry that everyone seems to have is the fact that I will be left alone here in Tuscaloosa.

Now, I must confess that when people start hovering over me in concern and care, I definitely cave and give into a good bout of self pity - I will miss Derek so terribly. And who wouldn't feel cherished being the center of all that love and attention? But I must also buck up and say that this attitude is not fair to Derek, especially when some people go so far as to comment on Derek's responsibilities as my husband. Derek and I made this decision together. He is not abandoning me and he is not doing anything without my full love and support. I am very excited for everything that he will get to do this summer. Yes, I will miss him. We would be having some major issues if that were not true. But Derek will be missing me too. And unlike me, he will not have an established community of friends and now-familiar surroundings to comfort him.

Instead, he will be in a brand new town, with a brand new job, and brand new people - all by himself. He will be facing unknown challenges as he learns hard skills on the wild Colorado rivers and mountains. He will likely be working from sunrise to sunset and have little time for himself to relax. If anyone needs extra love and support this summer, it is Derek. Never in my life have I tried something as adventurous as he will be and I cannot imagine facing it alone.

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